So we got into this conversation about the Tarot. Unexpectedly, I might add. So I started thinking about that. Can we correspond Mad Men characters to appropriate Tarot cards?

Let’s leave The Tower as representative of the show as a whole. Its imagery is intermixed in the opening credits and it can apply as the motif of the series.

Don is The Chariot (sometimes called The Charioteer). He is a strong and controlled man holding the opposing pieces of his life together by force of will. It’s a constant struggle.

Betty is The Queen of Cups. She is emotional, teary, and yet her emotions are hidden, even to herself.

Pete is The Knight of Swords. He is aggressive, demanding, and dangerous.

Peggy is The Empress. Often depicted as pregnant, she is a symbol of fertility as well as limitless potential. She is the ability to acquire abundance.

Finally, Joan is The High Priestess. She is a keeper of secrets and of wisdom and she guards the gates of knowledge. She sits equidistance between the pillars of Justice and of Mercy, and is equally capable of harsh truth or gentle compassion.

What do you all think?