When we first met Mona, I immediately liked her. She also felt familiar to me.

It’s Talia Balsam’s birthday today, and so I checked out her creds again.

Okay, so I think we mostly know, but I live to remind, that she is married to John Slattery.

She is also the daughter of Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten. So she’s also niece and cousin to like, twelve bazillion Van Pattens.

Please look at her tv/film career. And this of course doesn’t include stage work. She never doesn’t work.

So what catches my eye is that she was Paige in two episodes of thirtysomething.

It’s killing me; I can’t remember who Paige was, but I promise you, that is why I recognized her. I was as big of a thirtysomething fan as I am of Mad Men. I’ve seen, multiple times, the episodes she was in. I just. can’t. quite. remember. It’s a little bit killing me.

Okay but enough about me. Happy birthday, Talia!