“I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.”

Forgive me, MM writers. I love you all.

But this episode, about which I have so much more to say, seems to have a big fat continuity issue.

Thursday #1
It is the end of the workday. Roger speaks to his wife about the weekend plans. He is then told by Bertram Cooper that the Nixon boys are coming in at the end of the week. Joan has a bag packed and is taking a train with her roommate Carol for a weekend away. No mention that she is taking a Friday off, but okay so far.

How do I know it’s Thursday? Don says to Peggy, trying to make sure she’s not working too late, “Just because tomorrow’s Friday, doesn’t mean I expect to be pulling your head off the keys in the morning”. (God, that line is a mouthful!)

That night, it’s drinks for Don and Roger, and then the disastrous dinner at the Draper’s.

Thursday #2
The next morning, Roger offers Don a bottle and an apology. At lunch Pete exchanges a chip-and-dip for a 22-caliber rifle.

At 4:30 there is a meeting to prep for the Nixon meeting.

That night Don comes home in time for dinner; this time it’s enough roast beef to feed the whole office.

That same night, Trudy removes Pete’s recently restored testicles.

The next morning, Don approaches Hollis for a favor. During the day, Pete spins his tale of hunting to Peggy, Betty slaps Helen, Francine pays a visit.

And of course, the lunch, the stairs, and the punchline.

And there they were; the Nixon people. End of the week, as scheduled.

I decided that it’s two Thursdays and a Friday, because there was nothing that felt ‘Friday’ about the middle day. Don went home on time. Although maybe the roast beef means Friday. So maybe it’s two Fridays.

Oysters, martinis and cheesecake is definitely a Friday lunch.

Either way, major fuck-up. What, they didn’t think they’d have detail-obsessed fans?