This is getting out of hand.

I was yelling at Don. Furious. And he wasn’t listening. He was just being Don, justifying himself, refusing to see what his behavior costs Betty.

In the dream, Don had a secretary (not Peggy) who was obsessed with him. In the kind of dream logic that makes perfect sense until you wake up, there were these silk cords, like shoelaces, in beautiful colors, that seemed to be coming off of Don. (Yeah, I know. People shedding strings. Because that’s normal.) The secretary was saving Don’s strings and holding them and stroking them; she was clearly obsessed with him, but Don refused to do anything about it, or indeed to see that there was any obsession.

It was destroying Betty every time she saw it, she would double over in pain. And somehow I was there, furious but impotent.

I need a life.