You are going to be hearing a lot from my sister and I over the next few hours, days, and possibly forever about yesterday’s screening of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and the follow-up Q&A with Matthew Weiner, hosted by Janet Maslin.

But most important is that he confirmed that Season 2 will pick up in 1962. Right now it’s looking like somewhere between February and April, which is about 15-18 months from where we left Don sitting on the stairs, Thanksgiving weekend, 1960.

Mr. Weiner:

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not gonna do the same show two years in a row. I really don’t want to. There’s not just gonna be some new mystery and how does that work. It will be the next part in their lives.

And also now that this information, you know, that Who Cares moment about who Don is… that I knew I wanted to do but it’s still… I don’t think there’s ever that much jeopardy. I worked with somebody for three years who told me they went to Harvard. And they didn’t. And in the end nobody cared.

Two words, baby. Digital. Recorder.