Breaking Bad is freaking amazing.


Reminiscent of Falling Down and American Beauty, and I’m sure reminiscent of some terrific drug and crime shows or films that I can’t so much reference, it is clearly an original.

The characters and performances are rich and engaging.

It’s got that train wreck thing, and it’s scary-painful-exciting. It reminded me also (maybe it was the RV?) of the Riches, which I started off wanting so badly to love, but ultimately disappointed. Like the Riches, I have concerns about just where this can actually go, plotwise. (This was not, by far, the only thing wrong with the Riches. I cover its flaws in great detail here.)

But I’m quite willing to be surprised. This is great television.

Oh! And it was presented without commercials, but afterwards there was a lovely promo for Mad Men, talking up all the awards and accolades, and mentioning that they would be showing the series “in order” following tonight’s encore.

I had to chuckle that they actually called out the “in order”.

Addendum: I forgot to change the channel as I sat here wrapping up some other things before bed. And what I’ve learned is that, like with Mad Men, the ‘encore performance’ of Breaking Bad included commercials, and, I assume, is already missing scenes and moments that were included in the premiere viewing.