The best thing I got out of the experience of watching the New York Times Arts & Leisure do was this quote from Matt Weiner:

“The show is based on denial, and what better denial…?”

He’s talking about Peggy’s pregnancy, and I think that’s the insight we need as we contemplate what will happen for Peggy in season two.

Babies are hard to deny, but not impossible. Any action Peggy takes will have major consequences. Give it* up for adoption? Have her mother raise it and pretend she doesn’t have a baby that way? I know, I know that she won’t quit to raise it. Where does that leave her?

Denial is creating the mental state that you want, despite the reality. ‘I want to be a strong single career girl, not a timid mouse, and not a mother,’ says Peggy, and somehow she will make it so. And this is not different from Dick Whitman making himself into Don Draper, or Betty making herself into a pretty wife content to stay at home.

Interesting that Betty has the fewest exterior reasons to end denial (no secret identity, no baby) and yet she’s the one closest to breaking through.

*I cannot remember if it’s a boy or a girl. I haven’t rewatched The Wheel yet. Roberta says it’s a boy.