Here’s an Associated Press article on men’s fashion that gives lavish attention to the Mad Men look:

“Is it time for the suit? God, I hope so,” says Janie Bryant, costume designer for AMC’s “Mad Men.” “I think it’s fantastic to see people dressing up. It’s a beautiful thing to be cool but elegant but hip. A man can still wear a great suit and be casual, cool and comfortable. I say let’s burn all the T-shirts.”

The look of her show captures a successful Madison Avenue ad agency in the ’60s. The clean sharp lines, shorter jacket, narrower leg and skinny ties are all historically correct – and they’re relevant now, too.

“The characters could walk out onto the street and totally look like they belong,” Bryant says, although she’d encourage them to trade their wing-tip shoes for zip-up ankle boots.

“The younger men on my show are so happy to know how to buy a shirt if they’re going to wear a tie, they like knowing how a suit should fit. If they got into the tailoring and accessories today, I’d think they’d love it too!” she says.

She adds: “The ’80s is when comfort came into play. It was oversize everything and deep, deep pleats. It created a bad look.”

Seriously, those men in their sleek suits are hotty hotty hot. Some of the women’s looks are best forgotten, but Mad Men are Mad Hot.