Syndicated columnist Kevin McDonough hit my inbox a couple of different times, since his column appears in numerous papers:

The best new show of the year, AMC’s “Mad Men,” …investigates the mysteries of male society and insecurities. On one level, its setting in the advertising wars of 1960 depicts an era when men were men and women wore girdles. But the stirrings of feminism are never far from the surface. From our 21st-century vantage point, we can see how the show’s Brooks Brothers-wearing executives are as doomed and damned as the dodo, or, for that matter, the Marlboro Man.

…”Mad Men” has not reached an enormous audience. You have to admire a show that risks alienating younger viewers with its mid-century setting and challenging all viewers with its unsparing depiction of human alienation, workplace desperation and marital isolation. Hats off to AMC for renewing a series this smart and unpredictable.

A second Mercury-News columnist loves the Mad Ave boys and places them #3 on a top twenty-five list.

The best new series of the year, “Mad Men’’ was evocative, skillfully-acted and beautifully-written.

Meanwhile, The New York Times declares that “Mad Men is the Best” is one of the “TV Trends of the Year.” Believe me, I know. When I first started blogging about columnists, papers, and magazines calling Mad Men the best on TV, I didn’t realize it would border on a full-time occupation! Holy cow!