January 2008

A while back, we were discussing all the bird symbolism in Mad Men (thanks to our genius commenter hullabaloo), and I mentioned that I couldn’t recall Don calling Betty “Birdie,” only “Bets.”

So, for the record, last night I rewatched Ladies Room. There are two uses of “Bets,” and one of “Birdie.”

(…or, AMC, You Rock My Socks. AMC, You Putty My Silly. AMC, You Float My Boat. AMC, You Clang My Trolley. AMC Calls the Next Morning!)

Basket of Kisses is featured as the AMC official Mad Men blog‘s Site of the Week! Whatever the hell that means!

Read us! Read them! Tell everyone in the world, or something! Be as happy for us as our mom will be!

Mad Men will be shown on TV in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Slovenia, according to World Screen.

SANTA MONICA, January 29: Lionsgate has entered into a three-year programming deal with Viasat Broadcasting covering series, mini-series and TV movies for broadcast in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Slovenia, including the Golden Globe-winning Mad Men.

The deal covers at least two one-hour series, one half-hour show, one mini-series and two TV movies annually. In addition to the AMC series Mad Men, the deal also includes Showtime’s Weeds, Kevin Williamson’s 8-episode drama Hidden Palms; the 8-hour The Kill Point, produced for Spike TV; the science fiction mini-series The Lost Room; the improv comedy Lovespring International; and the reality offering I Pity The Fool, starring Mr. T.

Bertram Cooper: “New York City is a marvelous machine filled with a mesh of levers and gears and springs, like a fine watch, wound tight. Always ticking.”

Don: “Sounds more like a bomb.”

(New Amsterdam)

The toy Don trips on at the opening of Babylon was this wheel slider thingy. I don’t know how to describe it, but I remember it clearly from my childhood. I think my older brother had it. I’ve been looking on vintage toy sites but that’s been no help.

It’s a metal oval track with a plastic wheel that goes round and round inside it. That’s all there is to it. You watch the wheel go round and round; you turn it over for even more thrills.

Anyone out there ever have or see something like that or know what it’s called?

Well, nomination season is over, and award season is underway. Tonight’s SAG Awards are the first time that Mad Men was nominated but did not win. Best Ensemble for a TV Dramatic Series went to The Sopranos, and Best Actor in a TV Dramatic Series went to James Gandolfini for the Sopranos; certainly a very respectable winner.

Mad Men is still number one in our hearts, and hey, Matt Weiner can’t complain either way!

WordPress lets you see what searches brought people to your site, which is interesting, and helps me decide what to write sometimes.

Today someone searched on “Jon Hamm gay.” People! Jon Hamm has been with the same gorgeous girlfriend for nine years. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfield. (Although really he wants me.) (Or Roberta.) Anyway, here’s a whole page of pictures of the hot happy couple.

Get it together:
Jon Hamm=straight+hot
Bryan Batt=gay+hot

Glad I could help

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