There was a scene cut. From Episode 1: 13; the Wheel. Cut!

I remember saying something to Deborah after the original airing about the scene with Trudy and her diaphragm. And Deborah hadn’t seen the scene. I had watched the 10pm airing (the one with no commercials, if we all remember) and Deb had DVR’d the 11, (because she was recording like three shows that night), and so she and I discovered this disconnect between the two showings.

So now I’m working on the full recap (which I will finish someday), basing it off of the recent rerun, and I suddenly remember the scene, and how it’s not in it.

And I feel so dirty.

How many other scenes are already cut and forgotten?

When the hell are the DVDs coming out?

But the point is

What the hell is AMC doing? Why are they not listening to us? They have a brand new perfect show that everyone and their goddamn brother (and sister) is talking about and they’re fucking it up?

Why they gotta show a full day’s worth of Planet of the Apes movies instead of a Mad Men Marathon?

Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!