The Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise names Mad Men #1 of the year:

1. “Mad Men” (AMC): The best new cable drama in years was a coolly shot comedy of manners about ad-men in the 1960s, coping with the changing times and their own personal problems. Boasting a star-making performance from Jon Hamm, the series was unique in how its main conflict was between the characters and the turbulent decade we know lies in their futures.

Now that’s an interesting take on it; the conflict between the characters and their future. That may be the first time someone put it quite that way. Nice.

The Mercury News of Silicon Valley also puts MM #1 on a top ten list:

1. “Mad Men” (AMC) — This stylish period piece from creator Matthew Weiner (“The Sopranos”) caught us completely off guard. Who knew it could be so captivating to rewind back to 1960 Manhattan and hang out with the swaggering, booze-guzzling, skirt-chasing
ad execs of Madison Avenue? But to its credit, “Mad Men” is so much more than a nostalgic, un-P.C. romp through the steno pool. Fueled by a breakout performance by Jon Hamm, it delved deep into the heart of the American Dream, exposing the lies behind our idealized pop-culture imagery and the emotional scars that come with unbridled indulgence. Along the way, “Mad Men” deftly demonstrated not only how much we’ve changed as a society, but how much we haven’t.

One of the reasons I enjoy collecting these accolades is that they seem to bring out some very fine writing. This is a thoughtful paragraph: the emotional scars that come with unbridled indulgence is a deft little description.

Another #1 on a top ten list comes from the (suburban Chicago) Naperville Sun:

“Mad Men” (AMC, season one coming soon to DVD): The spectacular “Mad Men” is one of the most fully immersible TV experiences to come around in some time. The 1960s setting could have been a gimmick if not for the fact that it was so fully realized. The show is like stepping into a time machine. But wait, there’s more. “Mad Men” also offered fascinating characters, well-developed storylines and a breakout star (Jon Hamm) to boot. 2007’s top show is for grown-ups only in all the best ways – it requires intelligence and patience to absorb.

Yep. Could have been a gimmick. Isn’t.

A columnist in the South Mississippi Sun Herald lists remembering to watch Mad Men among her New Year’s Resolutions.