Scripps News says Mad Men is this year’s #1:

Move over “Sopranos,” there’s a new master of complex, psychological character drama on the tube. Set at a Madison Avenue ad agency, this period program depicted gender and racial inequality circa 1960 while also developing yearning characters of great depth — even among the more shallow office staffers.

And the Washington Post Express is in on the action:

“Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) and “Mad Men” (AMC) take the ’80s nighttime soap into swank new territory. “DSM” is saturated in money, and the acting is just as rich, especially Donald Sutherland’s — the ornate pronunciamentos he squeezes through his bone-white clackers are a delight, as are the reactions of his callow brood of grown, spoiled children. As for “Mad Men,” you don’t have to have a taste for the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit era of American business, as I do, to fall for this early-’60s ad agency as its buttoned-up, bourbon-pounding Rabbit Angstroms and beehived, bestockinged wives and secretaries struggle with the dawn of a new era. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, people.

Also in the Express, Jon Hamm is on their “Inexplicably Hot” list. Inexplicable?