I found the blog thus spake drake on AMC’s list of blogs that talk about Mad Men (and included us, la la la). I’ve added it to the blogroll because it’s really very fine, but I couldn’t wait to direct you to Drake’s take on The Wheel. I mean, it’s very long and very good and almost impossible to excerpt. But here goes anyway:

That brings us to the difficult plot point of Peggy’s pregnancy. I’m of the opinion that some part of her has known for some time that she was pregnant, but circumstances have caused her to mentally cut off this development from her day-to-day consciousness. It explains why she was still trying to make things work with Pete, even when all signs pointed to him being an evil weasel. I think she would’ve confronted the reality if her second affair (on the sofa) hadn’t ended so badly. But Pete’s cruelty, coupled with her career’s sudden upward trajectory, made having this baby an impossibility. She had the pill on her side for deniability… it was a new product with plenty of side affects to help her explain away many of her body’s signs. In parallel this season, both Betty and Peggy have lived with this growing feeling, kicking inside them, yet refused to recognize the beast for what it was until that final painful kick (the call to the therapist, the hospital).

Speaking of the hospital, Peggy’s refusal to hold her baby is striking as it immediately follows Pete’s own baby problem. Clearasil is both figuratively and literally Pete’s baby. Pete agrees to give his father-in-law a grandson in return for the account, and it’s also his client in a new work environment under Don and Duck. When Don makes it known that it’s also going to be Peggy’s baby as well, Pete is horrified and can’t even look his father-in-law in the face as he goes to lie down. Weiner’s cut to the hospital with Peggy’s baby is genius, with the parallel of Peggy’s horror at it being Pete’s baby. I’m of the biased opinion that this child will be given up for adoption, and Peggy will in fact return to work shortly after holiday weekend.

Seriously, read the whole thing.