CNN polled its entertainment crew for their best of 2007. The bizarrely eclectic results naturally included some Mad Men love:

“Mad Men”: I still don’t understand why AMC’s “Mad Men” never achieved the kind of success and hero worship associated with shows like “The Sopranos.” This absolutely brilliant reflection of the Madison Avenue world at the turn of the 1960s was so much more than just about advertising. Compelling characters with their own personal stories were interwoven into this “anything goes” world, and Jon Hamm’s brilliant portrayal of ad exec Don Draper earned him a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination. “Mad Men” will be coming back for Season Two and I, for one, am mad with anticipation!

The Palm Beach Post places Mad Men #2 (after 30 Rock) on its list of best 5. It has one of those descriptions of Mad Men that kind of get on my nerves:

2. Mad Men (AMC): Mad Men is teeming with a bunch of well-drawn characters led by Don Draper (What About Brian’s Jon Hamm), a dark-haired (and very married) adman who spends as much time in the boardroom as he does in the bedroom with gals who look nothing like his wife. The bottom line is this: Mad Men is Rat Pack cool as it takes us back to a swinging time when guys guzzled bourbon like water, smoked like their lives depended on it and flirted shamelessly in the office before a little something called “sexual harassment” made that a serious no-no.

That’s right! It’s not about brilliant writing or fascinating characters or trying to find meaning in a life filled with lies. It’s about making sexual harrassment fun again. /sarcasm