Yep, two more critics have come out with “best of the year” lists that include Mad Men.

The Los Angeles Times asked its two television critics to list their best and worst of 2007. What’s especially interesting is that in the two eleven-item lists (both are “top ten” lists, and both critics cheat a little by combining two shows in one entry), the only things to appear on both lists are Mad Men and Damages.

Guess I’ll have to check out Damages.

Anyway, here are the quotes, first from Robert Lloyd:

“Mad Men” (AMC). A vision of 1960 (pictured above) as much based on the movies as the reality of the time, ripe with the dreadful thrill of a world on the verge of redefinition. Beautifully designed, with an abundance of fine performances, out of which I am arbitrarily moved to mention Robert Morse as the corporate eminence and Christina Hendricks as a smart woman stuck in an old mode.

And now, Mary McNamara:

“Mad Men” and “Damages.” AMC and FX made big bids for original programming cred and we were the definite winners. Stylish and smart, AMC’s “Mad Men” captured the New York ad world, and the country, teetering boozily on the Brylcreemed and still-girdled cusp of change in 1960; FX’s “Damages” gave us Glenn Close and Ted Danson in a lethal legal thriller better than any you could find at the multiplex. Summer never looked so good.

McNamara earned extra Deborah love by calling NBC’s Life the “best new show of the season.” I agree 100%, provided she means the fall season (since MM started in the summer).