So, I’m pretty much lifting from a brilliant comment left on the AMC blog (the DVD contest). In his (?) comments, “grinandbearit” talks about all the birds in Mad Men…

Several characters have bird names–Harry Crane, Trudy Vogel, Duck Phillips. Roger presents Joan with some caged birds after suggesting that he’d like to keep her that way. Don is figuratively a roadrunner, but when contrasted with Peter Campbell, becomes The Roadrunner to Pete’s Wile E. Coyote. Even the name of the agency–Sterling Cooper—alludes to a gilded cage.

I’m sorry but Don as Roadrunner and Pete as Wile E Coyote is just the most hilarious image ever.


Grin goes on to detail several more bird references throughout the season. Go read the rest of the comment… I believe it is the 17th down.