At TV Squad, Bob Sassone tells us what he’s thankful for at this time of year.

1. A second season of Mad Men: You know how it usually goes. You love a TV show like it’s your wife or husband, and then the show is canceled after its first season because of low ratings or some other reason involving numbers. But that’s not the case with AMC’s Mad Men. I’m not completely surprised it was renewed, because when you have a period piece drama on one of the niche cable channels, there’s a hell of a better chance of it getting renewed than if it was on NBC, Mondays at 10. Most times when a show is called “adult” that just means there’s a lot of violence or a lot of sex or it’s on cable so they can swear a lot. Mad Men is adult in the truest meaning of the word: intelligent, well written, well-acted, and focusing on adult themes of relationships, society, and the workplace.

We’re thankful too, Bob.