Salon has just issued their second annual Sexiest Man Living. Started a year ago to contrast the predictability of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, each man is accompanied by several paragraphs of elegantly-written prose extolling the erotic and personal virtues of the hotness hero.

And this year’s #1? None other than our own John Hamm, about whom writer Joan Walsh says “We’re awarding Sexiest Man of the Year honors to Jon Hamm but we have to acknowledge: It might be Don Draper who’s won our hearts.”

Here’s some more choice excerpts:

Watching AMC’s “Mad Men” is a sensual feast. Matthew Weiner’s devotion to getting 1960 right means we feel Joan’s girdle and Peggy’s scratchy dresses, taste the rye and the steak and the oysters, glory in the pastels of Betty’s peignoirs; our eyes water at the end of every episode from all that cigarette smoke. The sexual politics are remarkable; the sex is even more interesting, and the hot center of it all is Jon Hamm, who plays Sterling Cooper creative director Don Draper, haunted, predatory, at the top of his game, miserable.

Hamm has glossy movie star good looks, great bones and a killer smile, made riveting by Draper’s pain and artifice. He’s the unhappy adman selling happiness. He’s in on the big con, and yet he’s not, entirely; in fact, he’s dying to believe in what he’s selling. He’s the misfit Organization Man, an elitist egalitarian; he makes conformity seem sort of brave and sexy.

And here’s a contender for best quote of the week:

God, I’m going on about this plot. Maybe it’s Matt Weiner who’s America’s sexiest man…