This is an Australian publication. The article is in some ways kind of not getting it, in other ways, very insightful.

Not getting it:

When Mad Men began, it appeared to be about Vaselined hair, crisp suits and the glamorous world of Madison Avenue advertising in the early 1960s. Lately, it has become a grim exploration of what it meant to be locked into a traditional, unhappy marriage at a time when divorce carried a stigma. It’s no shock that stay-at-home, casserole-cooking, Bryn Mawr-educated Betty is miserable; she’s lonely, unfulfilled and having so much trouble processing the grief over the recent loss of her mother that she suffers from mysterious hand tremors.

Nope, MM was never about the hair and suits. If you think that, it was you who weren’t paying attention (not that the hair and suits aren’t cool as shit).


Asked what part of Betty was most unfathomable – her lowly status, Don’s insensitivity or her character’s inability to imagine life without a husband – Jones, 29, says, “I can’t wrap my head around most of it. Which helps with my acting, because my state of mind is supposed to be confusion and discontent.”

So, as I’m wont to say, read the whole thing.