I am an old-fashioned girl.

By that I mean, I have cable TV and a VCR.

This morning I watched the pilot that I’d taped Thursday night. It’s been so long… I think I originally watched it more than once, but I don’t recall having taped it. When it first aired I wasn’t working and I just kept coming across it in its multiple airings. So I’m relying on my memory, here…

I am disappointment with AMC’s presentation. They have already edited it differently. I don’t know that anything has been cut, but I am nearly (though unprovablely) positive that it has new and awkward slices.

It has been a blessing, to this point; the placement of the commercial breaks. The tension and pacing of the show has been heavily supported through the long scenes and limited (but long) stop sets. Usually only three or four through the entire hour.

Not no more.

It bums me out that this has happened so quickly, with so many new viewers to woo.

I may have to invest… iTunes is offers a ‘season pass’ for $25. Except I still don’t so much have a job, exactly.

Okay one other thing… there was a scene where Joan brings Peggy to meet the switchboard operators that I have absolutely no recall of seeing the first time around. Anyone else? Remember/don’t remember it? Anyone?

Anyway, it was cool seeing the pilot again. Pilots have a job all their own, and it always is fascinating to go back and watch a good pilot of a good show once you’ve been into it for awhile.

But I don’t feel like talking about it right now : |