November 2007

“Remember Don…when God closes a door, he opens a dress.” – Roger Sterling

In a comment, Melville mentions:

Getting back on-topic, is AMC about damage our calm further by skipping more episodes? The previews showed the episode with Sterling’s heart attack. Isn’t that several episodes ahead of “Babylon?”

So I check. And Mel is correct.

Roger’s heart attack is episode 10; Long Weekend.

Soon I will begin using the letters A-M-C when I want to say W-T-F. ‘Cause of how they’re becoming synonymous.

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Every time you tell someone about Basket of Kisses, an angel gets its wings.

(Really I just wanted to use that line.)

But I am sitting here watching the brilliant and pivotal episode six; Babylon (from whence the brilliant and pivotal line ‘basket of kisses’ was extracted) and they are just chopping it to shit with the commercial breaks. Commercial/one tiny scene (the ‘basket of kisses scene)/more commercials!


I’m getting ready to pony up the $25 to iTunes.

Our very own Salvatore is fully out and receiving kudos!

Out Magazine has named Bryan Batt artist of the year, and there’s a nice little writeup and a great little photo.

Ironically, the actor has spent nearly the entirety of his 20-year professional career out of the closet.

This sort of thing excites me, because MM is really just a cult show right now. Lots of good buzz, lots of prestige, but not lots of viewers. AMC doesn’t really have many more viewers for MM than they do for their movie reruns, and obviously reruns are cheaper. So anything that might generate more viewers is A Good Thing.™

Broadcast networks, watch your backs: This could be the year freshman cable skeins dominate the Golden Globes’ TV categories.

While the traditional webs managed to drum up only lackluster buzz and Nielsen ratings during this strike-struck fall campaign, cable — and in particular, basic cable — had a summer to remember.

Now, those shows (and the thesps on them) are in the running for the Globes’ top drama and comedy nomination spots.

This year, the focus is on shows such as AMC’s critically adored “Mad Men” and star Jon Hamm.

Jill loves Mad Men… riiiight here. (Go to November 22, 2007; Thanksgiving and the Writer’s Strike, Day 3.)

And I love Jill. Riiiight here.

Now, in a follow-up email that I receive (as a Jill fan), she wrote the following:

In the lyrics, I gratuitously mention how much I
like the TV show Mad Men. I got a nice email back from the creator. I
secretly want to play a beatnik or bad folk singer on one episode

This may show up in her journal as well, but I didn’t want to wait. ‘Cause of how cool it is.

Entertainment Weekly’s annual Entertainers of the Year list is out, and Mad Men is on it. The Top 25 list is broken into “class” categories (Valedictorians, Class Clowns). MM is one of the three “Most Buzzed About.”

As is so often the case, the article cites the fashions and “plitical incorrectness” rather than the writing, acting, and mystery. Nonetheless, I’m happy whenever MM gets good buzz.

French-cuffed shirts. Tailored suits. Fedoras. What’s not to love? Especially when such retro-chic fashion travels on the backs of 1960s ad execs who spend their days smoking, boozing, scheming, and sleeping around?

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