CinemaBlend has a cute interview with Amanda Peet about her forthcoming movie with John Cusack, Martian Child. In the middle of the interview, she totally goes off about how much she loves Mad Men:

I’m going to work with Catherine Keener, so that’s a big dream of mine. And I’m going to work with Nicole Holofcener, that’s a big dream come true. I’d love to work with Sean Penn. I’d love to work with Joan Cusack again—I’m obsessed with Joan Cusack. Genius. Tina Fey—these are just people that I feel right now. Jon Hamm, from Mad Men. Anyone watching Mad Men? Holy shit! You guys all look really blank, like you’re not watching it.

I don’t get Showtime.
You’ve gotta get it. You’re crazy. It’s so genius. It’s the best thing on television. I want to work with him.

She thinks it’s on Showtime. Huh. Well, maybe she has Tivo.